Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Our Hometown Christmas Was Wonderful

 What a wonderful Christmas celebration we had Saturday!  It began with Our Hometown Christmas in the Linn Park at 5:00.  The weather was perfect--about 45 degrees and no wind.  Hundreds came out to participate in the fun and watch the festivities.  While they were there they also enjoyed free hot dogs, cookies & hot chocolate.
     The children's Live Nativity was precious!

Scott Price provided Christmas music on the keyboard.
      The spectacular Firemen's Auxiliary Light Parade followed at 6:00!   There were 37 entries in the parade with such variety and creativity of entries that it made for a wonderful parade--so beautiful! 
     Here are a few of the best pictures I could get.  It is very difficult for me to take good night pictures--especially when the objects are moving--but I tried.

The walking ear of corn with the Littlejohn Grain float amused onlookers.

This snowman was made out of various sizes of stacked tractor tires.  Below is a back view so you can better see the tires. 

This giant semi which had tractors (also decorated) from the Antique Power club was impressive!

And how could a Christmas parade be complete without Mr. & Mrs. Claus!